CAKEBOARDS CONTAINERS HAMMER MILL MOULDMAKING TOOLMAKING K11-HAMMER MILL  Capacity is based on M aize meal. through a 2.5mm sive. Location, product condition may cause variations.
The K23 can be ordered to run bi-directional so the tips dont need to be turned. Ask for a quick tip change system to be added.
Sound dampening booth
The K11 Hammer Mill is designed for industrial milling applications. Options available are light and standard models. The K11 is capable of milling paper, plastics, wood maize, foam, foil or almost any other dry / brittle products that need to be reduced in particle size. The machine is bolted together, which adds to the robust design. The material is fed directlyon to the tips of the rotating hammers that make up the rotor. The interchangeable screen is located in the lower half of the housing. Available in electric and Diesel drives.
Mass 550 kg Rotor Width 380 mm Discs 10 Tips 60 Tip Speed 65 mps Bearings 2 Motor 30kW Capacity 1.3 - 1.7 Ton/H